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LA Phase III: Social Equity Verification OPEN

The Department of Cannabis Regulations (DCR) in the City of Los Angeles drafted an update, opening the Social Equity Program (SEP) verification process window until Monday, July 29th. The verification process is required for all potential Social Equity Applicants who intend to apply for Phase III licensing. The key point of the Phase III licensing […]

Los Angeles Phase III Update

Recently, the Department of Cannabis Regulations (DCR) in the City of Los Angeles drafted an ordinance amendment. Phase III as it currently stands is being considered for retail and delivery. The ordinance also calls for new cultivation distribution and manufacturing permits. However, this has not been discussed in recent DCR communications. So, for now the […]

Brand Protection & Trademark Package

All businesses are exposed to the threat of trademark/logo infringement by copycat brands and even individuals looking to profit off of your hard work and successes. Our brand protection package offers a number of benefits designed to secure yourself from the damages that could ensue from leaving your corporate identity available for theft by infringement.Benefits of […]

Jurupa Valley Cannabis Licensing Update

Last November, the voters of Jurupa Valley decided to move forward with local regulation of cannabis businesses within its city limits. Accordingly, Jurupa Valley will be awarding cannabis storefront retail licenses to at least 7 businesses. Priority licensing begins today.  For all other cannabis license types in Jurupa Valley, applications open on April 1st, 2019. […]

SoCal Licensing Update March 2019

Many cities in California have decided to move forward with local regulations or are currently accepting applications at this time. Here is a brief list of this cities in California that are currently OPEN for licensing and the type of licenses they are offering: City of San Diego – Retail, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution & […]

Los Angeles Phase III Update

Last week, on March 8th, 2019, the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), the entity responsible for the administration of the City’s commercial cannabis licensing and regulatory program has issued a statement regarding commercial cannabis licensing. For the last several months, DCR has been diligently processing applications for Phase 2 Priority Processing for non-retailer […]