Business Consulting

For any potential client that has questions pertaining to the medical and/or recreational marijuana business industry under the MAUCRSA, including obtaining a business license, license types and restrictions, banking options, insurance requirements, jurisdiction inquiries, costs et cetera.  Is prudent for anyone involved in the caregiver/qualified patient system looking for advice on how to best move forward. Consultation services can also be beneficial to potential clients who are looking to establish peripheral businesses and services (E.g., industrial hemp, head shops, industry technology & apps). We closely watch developments in jurisdictions across the state, and continue to build rapport with local officials. Our insight with regard to industry developments is unsurpassed.

MJ Legal has a strong network that includes professionals that specialize in the cannabis industry, including real estate agents, architects and engineers, security contractors, master growers, and general construction contractors. We are happy to connect serious clients with our network – these specialists are capable of basic advising, application assistance, and even designing and carrying out day-to-day operations.