Brand Protection & Trademark Package

All businesses are exposed to the threat of trademark/logo infringement by copycat brands and even individuals looking to profit off of your hard work and successes. Our brand protection package offers a number of benefits designed to secure yourself from the damages that could ensue from leaving your corporate identity available for theft by infringement.
Benefits of the package

1) Your registered mark can become incontestable after five years of continuous, uninterrupted use from the date of registration (limiting the grounds of third-party attacks to cancel the mark). This can be a huge advantage in a trademark dispute over such a mark;

2) Creates an automatic right to sue in federal court and, in certain cases, to recover treble damages and attorneys’ fees (In counterfeiting cases statutory damages are also available); 

3) Creates a legal presumption of ownership and validity, shifting the burden of proof on both issues to the defendant in litigation; 

4) Provides a basis for enjoying the benefits of the Paris Convention and Madrid Protocol when seeking foreign protection; 5) Your mark can be recorded with U.S. Customs in order to prevent the importation of infringing products; 

6) Registration includes the right to use the ® symbol; 

7) The presence of the mark on the federal trademark register serves to deter third parties from adopting confusingly similar marks; and 

8) Provides a key basis for obtaining relief against domain name squatters both under the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act and the ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy.

As always, we are committed to serve the needs of all business clients. In addition to the above benefits, MJ Legal will:

○ Maintain client business records for one (1) year

○ Provide legal counsel and support regarding Trademark/Copyright law for a period of two (2) years

Our Brand Protection Package starts at $999.00

Contact us today at 310-893-3262 for more information about how to get started with securing your corporate identity.

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