Priority Cannabis Licensing begins TODAY in Jurupa Valley!

Last November, the voters of Jurupa Valley decided to move forward with local regulation of cannabis businesses within its city limits. Accordingly, Jurupa Valley will be awarding cannabis storefront retail licenses to at least 7 businesses. Priority licensing begins today. 

For all other cannabis license types in Jurupa Valley, applications open on April 1st, 2019. MJ Legal can help you through the entire process until your cannabis permit in Jurupa Valley. Now is the time to prepare for a successful application.

If you’re interested in applying for a commercial cannabis license in Jurupa Valley, or in another municipality, please call MJ Legal today!

Our Services include:

  • Application Assistance and Consulting
  • Business and Corporate Legal Services
  • Property Analysis and Acquisitions
  • Trademark and Brand Protection
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Industry Networking

Whatever your needs in the Cannabis industry may be, MJ Legal can help you realize your goals, and make sure you are in full compliance with all laws and regulations.

For more information, please call us at 310-893-3262!

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