San Bernardino Cannabis Applications, Deadlines, Procedures, and More! Everything You Should Know.

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Important update: San Bernardino’s application deadline has been changed to June 25, 2018. Check your preparedness by reading below for MJ Legal’s account of the local commercial cannabis licensing procedures.

San Bernardino Cannabis Application Process

On April 23, 2018, San Bernardino released its official license application for applicants interested in operating Commercial Cannabis Businesses (CCB). The city has stated it will issue up to 17 licenses. If, for any reason, all of the 17 licenses are not issued within the first round – the city has indicated it can open a second round of applications to fill the open slots available. This is a unique opportunity primed for clients prospecting opportunities in San Bernardino and the state of California.

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Getting Started

The City of San Bernardino has released an itemization of the entire process and their application procedure guidelines. The Commercial Cannabis Business Permit Application is a 7 page document which must accompany all submittal application requirements you’ll notice begins on page 4.

According to the application, the city is issuing cultivation, distribution, manufacturer, microbusiness, retailer and testing lab permits. The city has not yet indicated the number of each type of license they will issue, but 17 total was given as the number of licenses they will issue altogether. On page 16 of the ordinance you will find the following verbiage:

“The number of each type of commercial cannabis business that shall be permitted to operate in the City shall be established by the Mayor and City Council. At no time shall the total number of permits for all license types exceed one (1) permit per twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) residents of the City as determined by the most recent Population.”

Guidelines & Fees

A Zoning Verification Letter is required prior to submitting the $183 application fee. As a procedure, this letter will let the city know that you have met the proper zone and location requirements. The letter must be from the Community Development Department and takes about 10 business days to process. Your Zoning Verification Letter should be submitted along with:

  • An indemnification agreement (limits the city’s liability).
  • Live Scan Criminal History Check: It must be conducted at the San Bernardino Police station. See page 3 of the application procedure guidelines for more information. Each Cannabis Permit Employee and Owner must have a background check.

MJ Legal is experienced in zoning analyses and property acquisition, in addition to compliance related to the cannabis industry. Contact us to discover if your property is eligible for licensing opportunities in your local jurisdiction.

You should submit three copies of your application. Two copies should be organized in a three-ring binder and one copy must be organized on a flash drive for submission. Expect to pay $2,647 + $300 per background check and a fee of $132 for each LiveScan check.

Below is an excerpt of the city’s fee schedule from the San Bernardino application procedure guidelines.


Applications will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Location (200 Points)
  • Business Plan (400 Points)
  • Neighborhood Compatibility Plan (300 Points)
  • Safety Plan (300 Points)
  • Security Plan (300 Points)

Earning a score of at least 80% during Phase 2 will earn you a spot in Phase 3. The maximum number of applicants that will move to Phase 3 will be no more than 34 unless otherwise authorized by the local governing authority. For more information, please read
page 4 of the San Bernardino application procedure guidelines.


With deadlines quickly approaching, it is imperative for interested applicants to contact MJ Legal for all of their local commercial cannabis business needs. As one of the most successful law firms in California devoting special attention to the cannabis industry, we
are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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